During your first call to our office, our business staff will request information that will make your first visit go smoothly and allow us to customize care to meet your needs and expectations.

Prior to your visit we will either mail you a Dental/Medical history form or you may download the proper forms from our website. You may complete the forms at your leisure and bring them to your first visit. Having these forms completed prior to your arrival will save you time in the office. If you have current x-rays from another dental office, please inform the staff so they can be requested prior to your first visit.

We guarantee your first visit will be a pleasant experience. In addition to reviewing your dental and medical history, we will discuss your personal dental needs or any chief complaint you may have. We will then take any necessary X-rays utilizing our state-of-the-art digital x-ray system, and may also take photographs with our intra-oral camera. We will perform a complete periodontal exam to determine if you have any problems with your gums (gingivitis or gum disease).

The doctor will perform a thorough examination of the hard tissue (teeth and bone), soft tissue (gums and muscles), jaw joints (TMJ), and occlusion (bite). Not only does this examination allow us to assess your dental needs, but it also allows us to detect any of the many systemic diseases (diabetes, heart or blood disease) that manifest themselves intra-orally. In addition he will perform an oral CANCER screening . Generally this will take one hour.

The doctor will then give you a visual tour of your mouth (this might be on another day). You will see how other people see you and what could be done to improve your smile. Furthermore, you will see what he sees. During the tour he will discuss his findings and answer your questions and concerns. Together you and the doctor will formulate the best comprehensive treatment plan for you.

This approach to dental care is based on the philosophy that education is the best form of preventive medicine. Preventive dentistry is much, much less expensive than the alternatives. Also, an informed patient has less apprehension and fear in regard to their dental visits.