Things You Should Know About Teeth Bonding

If you have discolored, decaying, fractured, or chipped teeth, dental procedures like teeth bonding can help you get the confidence to show off your smile again. There are several other dental treatments like clip-on dentures, braces, veneers, etc., that you can go for as per your dental problems. Teeth bonding works well for small cavities as it looks much better than silver fillings. Dentists usually use resin or plastic of the same color as your tooth. Here are a few things you must know about teeth bonding if you plan to visit your dentist for it.

Teeth Bonding Procedure

If you are going for teeth bonding for a decaying tooth, you would need anesthesia. Otherwise, there is no need. There is nothing you need to prepare for this procedure. It takes about half an hour to one hour to complete and gets done in a single visit. If there is more than one tooth to repair, there might be a need for several visits.

The dentist puts a putty type of resin on your tooth while he or she prepares for it. He or she will smooth it and mold it into the shape of your teeth so that it looks natural. Once fit, the dentist will use ultraviolet light for curing or hardening of the resin.

How Long Will Dental Bonding Stay?

It is one of the most common questions people ask about teeth bonding. The answer majorly depends on where your tooth needs work done. If there is a need for teeth bonding on the edge of the tooth, it can get exposed to the food you will consume. It means teeth bonding will not last for longer.

If it is there at the end of the teeth, you need to be careful while you bite on anything. Bonding on the tooth somewhere where it won’t be affected by anything you eat or drink can last for up to four to eight years.


The next thing you might be wondering about is the cost involved in teeth bonding. Let us tell you that the cost of teeth bonding or other treatments such as clip-on dentures, etc., do not come under the insurance covers as insurance companies consider it as a cosmetic treatment. Confirm it with your insurance company before you go for the treatment if it provides the compensation. If it doesn’t come under the insurance claim, you can ask the dentist about all the costs for the procedure. You can also get in touch with American Dental Asscociation for some help. Teeth bonding for gaps cost reasonably and is not a very time-consuming process.

After Care

You need to take special care of your teeth after the teeth bonding procedure. There might also be a need to bring a few changes to your daily habits. Try to cut down your tea, red wine, or coffee consumption. If you stick to drinking these drinks, your teeth can get stained. It might become hard for you to get rid of it in the future.

Smoking can weaken the bonding and can also leave stains on the teeth. If you are a smoker, it would be a great excuse to quit smoking. You would also need to figure out how to stop the bad habits of chewing ice, nails, or random things like pen, etc., as it breaks the bonding or weakens it, as we mentioned before.


Even though bonding is not a part of your teeth, you still need to take care of it. Brush and floss your teeth every day. Keep good oral hygiene, and make sure to visit your dentist regularly to keep a check on your dental health. If you want to get information about other dental procedures like the snap-on dentures prices or when to go for aligners, etc., get in touch with Platinum Dental Care.

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