Make a dramatic change to your smile and looks with a Teeth Whitening Procedure in Livonia. Our modern and safe teeth whitening method gives you a dazzling smile by bleaching the discoloured enamel and dentin, enhancing the life and beauty of your teeth. If you live in Livonia, Redford, Westland, Garden City, and the suburbs, our accomplished dentists can give your smile a quick and lasting makeover!

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The Why and How of Teeth Whitening

Aging, consumption of staining substances (coffee, tea, soda, tobacco), trauma, nerve degeneration, and old restorations cause discolouration and staining to the enamel, the outer protective layer of the teeth. Teeth whitening or bleaching is a simple and non-invasive treatment to bring about a moderate to substantial improvement in the brightness and whiteness of your smile. Many people go for teeth whitening before social events such as weddings, parties, important meetings, media events, etc, while others may need it to get rid of dirty-looking teeth and give a boost to their smile and confidence.

At Platinum Dental Care, our revolutionary teeth whitening treatment involves a mild but effective solution retained in custom-built trays that you can “wear” on your teeth for a few hours a day. You and others around you can notice a clear improvement in your smile within 7 to 10 days.

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Factors to Consider for Teeth Whitening Treatment

Our teeth whitening treatment works to the satisfaction of most clients, but there may be exceptions. We’ll assess the condition of your teeth and enamel during your FREE consultation visit and let you know with the help of a shade card what kind of results you can expect. For the treatment itself, it is imperative that the customized bleach tray fits your teeth exactly so that the bleaching solution does not harm the gums. That’s why we take precise measurements and make a perfect mould for the tray. If you can’t wait for a week, our fast-track teeth whitening can give you a bright smile within one hour!

Teeth Whitening Procedure at Dentist -Platinum Dental Care Livonia

If you want to go ahead with the teeth whitening/bleaching treatment after your initial FREE consultation, our team of dental technicians will take the impressions and send them to the lab for manufacturing the bleach tray. When ready, we’ll fit the tray to your teeth and fill it with the solution. The process is quite simple so you can take home the trays and the teeth whitening solution and use it for 7 to 10 days. You’ll probably be amazed at the results. Can’t wait for a week? Let’s get you your best smile in one hour!