Six Surprising Benefits of Getting Lumineers

If you want to have a bright and beautiful smile, many dental procedures can help you in achieving that. Lumineer dental treatment is one of them. It is like an advanced version of the veneers that can help in improving the appearance of your smile. They have some surprising benefits. Let us have a look at some of them. 


There are chances that people with veneers or dental crowns might suffer from teeth sensitivity. But the chances of sensitivity in the case of lumineers reduces to a good extent. There is no need of using anesthetics during the placement of lumineers. The process gets completed within two visits to your Northville dentist. There is also no need to wear acrylics while wearing lumineers. It is because they are specifically constructed for your teeth. 

Better than braces

If your teeth are a bit out of alignment but do not want to put yourself in the hassles of braces, lumineers is the right option. Lumineers can help in filling or closing the gaps that will make your teeth appear more uniform. It is great for fixing teeth that are chipped, worn out or that have an irregular shape.

Fixes chipped and crooked teeth

Chipped teeth are embarrassing. Getting lumineers is a great solution to get rid of them. It is a painless and hassle-free treatment. It lasts very long and can even last forever. Lumineers can help you in getting back your lost confidence so that you can smile freely again. The best advantage of getting lumineers is that you will not have to invest so much money and time, unlike braces. You can easily align your crooked teeth without going through the pain of braces.

Convenient construction

Lumineers are designed digitally using digital processes. It is done to provide a natural-looking smile that might not be possible with other dental cosmetic procedures. The lumineers are made of Cerniate Porcelain. The material is 0.2 mm thick which makes it much thinner than the traditional veneers. There is no bulk added to the teeth in the case of lumineers. They are comfortable and very lightweight, so there is no irritation when lumineers are positioned to your teeth. Even though the lumineers are light in weight, they are still very durable and can last for up to two decades. 

No recovery time

Lumineers are positioned without any surgeries, alterations or drilling to your teeth. The procedure for lumineers is hassle-free. Unlike the other processes, there will be no pain after the procedure. You can avoid the painful recovery time after getting lumineers which might not be possible in the case of other dental cosmetic procedures.

No problem with discoloured teeth

Discolouration of teeth can be a troubling issue for people. Teeth whitening in Dearborn is an effective option to treat discoloured teeth. But with the lumineers, you will be able to have an instantly beautiful and brighter smile that will last for a very long time, irrespective of what you eat or drink.

Can we take off the lumineers?

This has been one of the most common questions related to lumineers. If a patient wants to get his lumineers removed, it is possible. Lumineers are reversible and do not harm the natural tooth structure. It always remains healthy and unchanged.

What can the patients not eat after getting lumineers?

Patients can eat and drink whatever they want. It is because lumineers are positioned strategically and durably. So that they are not harmed by whatever food the patient consumes. But it is always recommended to take good care of the lumineers, maintain good oral hygiene and visit your Northville dentist regularly. 


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