Dental Implants Vs Dentures – Selecting The Best Option For You

Missing or losing a natural tooth is no longer a major issue. Dental technology has advanced bringing a variety of replacement options for such teeth. So, it does not matter whether you have lost one or more teeth, there will be a perfect and custom-made replacement option for you to help restore the appearance of smile and facial aesthetics.

Dental Bridges vs Dental Implants

Likewise, for years, dentures have been a common option to replace missing teeth, and they are still available but some other more advanced alternatives have also come up, like dental implants. To know which one is better for you – whether dentures or implants – you first need to consult a dentist and know both the options in detail to take the call.

What Are Dentures?

You may know how dentures are in use to replace a single tooth, several teeth or all teeth in your mouth. They are basically a removable option so they can be cleaned easily and in a hassle-free manner. You can remove them as and when needed, particularly at night, clean them and get back to living life at usual.

Dentures in Livonia Michigan

With complete denture, or a set of dentures, you can replace all of your teeth easily. They will be help in place with an adhesive, and often comprise an acrylic base working as the gums. With a partial denture, one or more teeth are replaced where the denture will be supported by the natural teeth around it.

What Are Dental Implants?

When it comes to replacing teeth, dental implants too can match the prowess of dentures and replace one or more teeth. In fact, implants can help replace every tooth in the mouth, if need be. A surgical procedure will help in getting dental implants and your teeth will be non-removable.

Dental Implants in Livonia Michigan

In the procedure of implants, a small titanium-made post is embedded within the jaw bone where the post works as the root of the tooth. A cap or crown is used to cover the root to resemble a natural tooth. Bone formation will occur surrounding the post to ensure support to the artificial teeth. It takes one day to a few weeks to get the implant done and replace the teeth.

Benefits of Dentures

Dentures have traditionally been a good option to replace a missing natural tooth or several teeth. So, there must be some benefits you should know about. The benefits include –

• With dentures, two options – full and partial dentures – are available

• Full dentures are removable so one can clean them easily

• Full dentures align with the jaw arch in a perfect manner to pose no functional issues

• Dentures are a good option for those with weak gums and jawbones

• Getting dentures is purely a non-surgical process

• They are a cost-effective option to replace missing teeth

• With partial dentures, patients can expect both removable and fixed options to replace the teeth

• Dentures of all type can help restore your smile and functionality

Benefits of Dental Implants

Dental implants a new-age option to replace one or more or all of your missing teeth easily. Over the years, they have become perhaps the most popular option for many reasons and benefits including –

Dental implants are a durable option and can last a lifetime with proper care and handling

• They are a great option when someone has one or two missing teeth

• Dental Implants may be the most expensive tooth replacement option but they improve smile and facial charms like no other

• Dental implants are considered the second best option to natural teeth

• They provide the same level of comfort, convenience and feel as natural teeth would do

• With dental implants, there will be no risk of something falling off or slipping off the mouth

• With this replacement option, patients are free to eat their favorite foods, sticky and solid foods no bar

• Oral hygiene with implants is never a problem as one can brush and floss with the same ease as would with natural teeth

• Dental Implants can help enhance the appearance of smile and restore dental functionality with ease

Want to know more about the difference between dental implants and dentures and which option is better for you? Contact your dentist today to schedule your free initial consultation !

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