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Dental Bridges are a simple and effective solution to restore the form and function of your jaw if you are missing a tooth or several teeth in a row. At Platinum Dental Care, one of the most accomplished
Porcelain Bridge and the  professional team of dental assistants and hygienists will help you get a bridge that looks and feels as close to your real teeth as possible and does not cost a fortune.

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What are Dental Bridges

A dental bridge literally “bridges” the gap that the missing tooth (teeth) has created in your jaw. Made from porcelain, metal, alloys and even gold, a bridge rests on two crowns on the sides and has the artificial missing tooth (or teeth) in the middle. It is affixed permanently with the help of special cement and is a tried and tested way to replace missing teeth without the need of expensive dental implants. If you live in Livonia, Redford, Westland, Garden City, and suburbs, and you need a quick and cost-effective treatment for missing teeth, we can help.

Get Dental Bridges in the Whole Michigan Area

If you have one or more teeth missing, do not hesitate to give us a call for high quality, low cost dental bridges in Michigan area including:

● Livonia, MI
● Plymouth, MI
● Northville, MI
● Farmington, MI
● Dearborn, MI
● Dearborn Height, MI
● Redford, MI
● Westland, MI
● Garden City, MI

Factors to Consider for a Dental Bridge

For your dental bridge in Livonia to be durable and feel almost like your natural teeth, you must get the bridge from an expert dentist. It’s because a nice looking and closely fitting bridge can only be installed after the supporting teeth have been recontoured to precise dimensions. Even a tiny difference can result in problems such as an improperly fitting bridge that feels uncomfortable and/or traps food particles, causing dental and gum complications. Another factor to consider is the color of the bridge, which should exactly match the color tone of the adjoining teeth in order to look natural.

Procedure and Types of Dental Bridges at Platinum Dental Care in Livonia

At our Family Dental Clinic, our team of experienced dentists and technicians will assess the condition of the supporting teeth before filing them down to make room for the bridge. Any protruding teeth in the path of the bridge will be stubbed down so that the bridge can be placed precisely where your natural teeth would have been. In the next step, we take the impressions of the affected site and make a mold.

Our high-tech lab then takes a few days to manufacture the bridge using high quality materials. Meanwhile, we give you a temporary bridge that is Dental Bridge For Front Teeth to cover the stubs and protect your tongue and gums. When the bridge is ready, we affix it permanently with non-toxic special adhesive cement. We take special care to shape the crowns and artificial tooth exactly like your missing teeth, so you get used to your bridge within days. The bridge looks and feels like real teeth and restores full chewing and biting ability for years to come.

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