A Guide on Snap-On Dentures

Earlier, dentures such as clip-on dentures were considered to be the last resort for people who were not able to take enough care of their teeth. Dentures used to be pretty uncomfortable, ill-fitted, and rough, and also were not very useful for the appearance. But now things have changed a lot. Dentures can not be easily recognized and distinguished from natural teeth if they are worn correctly and in the right way. The quality of the dentures has improved massively and is no longer a headache for the people who wear them. For all those who do not know what dentures are, here is a brief explanation for them.

What are dentures?

Dentures are like a replacement for natural teeth. It is slightly different from the other types of teeth replacement options. It is not attached to our natural teeth or jawbone. Dentures are used to replace not one but lots of teeth, at one time. If one lost tooth needs replacement, some form of the anchor can be used. But if multiple teeth go missing, the only resort is dentures. There are different types of dentures available like clip-on dentures, snap-on dentures, etc. The Span-on dentures are one of the most effective options if you are looking for stability. Snap-on dentures‘ price varies from dentist to dentist. 

What are snap-on dentures?

If due to an accident or a dental injury, you have lost almost all your teeth, snap-in or snap-on dentures can be a great teeth replacement option. These types of dentures are more stable and versatile as compared to the other conventional dentures. The dental implants or screws are placed right in your jawbone so that the dentures do not move from their place. In normal cases, two to four dentures are put in each row. According to the person’s need and budget, one might need around ten inserted. Once the implants are placed in the jaw, the implant-supported dentures can be set in place. These snap-on dentures are sometimes fixed at their place and sometimes are removable to facilitate regular cleaning. 

What are the benefits of snap-on dentures?

There are many benefits associated with snap-on dentures in comparison to the other conventional dentures. An experienced dentist can help in the installation of snap-on dentures or dental bridges in Livonia. Let us discuss some of its benefits so that you easily make the right decision if you want to choose them or not. 

Look real and are comfortable

When the dentures are attached with the help of implants, you can eat and speak confidently in front of your friends or anybody. You will also not need to avoid any kind of foods that are hard to chew, are crunchy, etc. There will also be no need to worry about the prosthetic slipping out of your mouth during eating or speaking. 

Highly durable and provide a good level of security

The snap-on dentures fit the implants perfectly that are further installed in your jaw. With this orthodontic option, the dentures get the highest level of durability and are great when you need a full replacement of teeth for the sake of your oral health.

Improved oral health

Tooth loss can lead to the degeneration of the bones of the jaw. This happens because the bones stop receiving any movement from the roots of the teeth. But with the dental implants installed and snap-on dentures in place, there will be the same activity that would have been if the original teeth were still there. This will even lead to a healthy and denser jaw with time.


If proper care is taken, these dentures can last for a lot of years. If you want to know the teeth bonding for gaps cost or the price for the dentures, you can consult Platinum Dental Care. 

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