Why is professional whitening the perfect way to whiten your teeth?

There are many different ways of whitening your teeth. Teeth whitening in Livonia is very common these days. But let us tell you that there are mostly two basic categories of teeth whitening. One is professional whitening and the other is in-office bleaching. Some people think that it is very easy to get the teeth whitened and does not involve any dental procedure. But the truth is its opposite. There are a lot of over the counter teeth whitening kits available in the market. People tend to use these kits recklessly and end up damaging their teeth. This is because a lot of precautions have to be taken before starting with these processes. If you already have damaged teeth and now are planning to use the whitening treatments without any expert advice things can get even worse.

Here are a few reasons that prove why professional teeth whitening procedures are the best way to whiten your teeth.

Professional expertise

Livonia dentist is trained, qualified and experienced for his or her job. He knows how to carry out teeth whitening procedures effectively and safely. With the at-home products, you will only be getting the basic instructions that will be the same for everybody who would use them. You will have to figure out the rest of the things on your own. In the case of professional treatment, there will be very few chances of any complications. Even if a problem arises, the dentist will always be there to take care of everything on the spot.

Long-lasting and quicker results

People go for teeth whitening methods as they want an aesthetically pleasing smile without any stains on the surface of their teeth. But not all of these methods are worth your money. The results with the store-bought skits are not always satisfactory and are even not recommended by the dentists.

If you want better and quick results that also last longer and are worth every money you spend, consider getting teeth whitened professionally by a professional Livonia dentist. This is because the dentist is a professional and will perform the procedure by taking all the necessary precautions.

Personalized treatment

If you buy a teeth whitening kit from the drug store or a local store, you will get one-size-fits-all treatment regardless of your teeth health, colour, shape or size. These kinds of products are not meant for the individual needs of everybody. But getting your teeth whitened professionally from a Northville dentist will give you better results because of the personalized attention. The whitening treatment that you will get from the professional dentist will be based on the degree of staining, teeth condition and degree of whiteness required. The teeth whitening procedure is not like shopping where you are just a customer. It is a medical procedure where you need proper attention. This is why always go for a professional dentist for teeth whitening.

Safer than the over the counter teeth whitening kits

A lot of people do not know that store-bought whitening kits can cause sensitivity, enamel damage and many other side effects on your teeth. However, getting the whitening procedure done by a Livonia dentist will be a safer treatment as it will not mess with your oral health and will also not cause any teeth sensitivity. 


Many people assume that teeth whitening is a complex procedure and takes very long to complete. Let us break this myth for you. Teeth whitening procedure normally takes an hour to complete or a maximum of a few hours and that is it. Sometimes, dentists also provide teeth whitening kits to the patients that can be used at home. These kits are better and much effective than the over the counter whitening kits.


The professional dentists also provide you with care tips that you need to follow after the procedure is done. If you want to have a sparkling white smile or are looking for an implant dentist in Livonia, you can visit Platinum Dental Care. 


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