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The days of painful, highly-intrusive dental surgery are over. Dental technology is going through a promising and exciting phase, with the advent and widely incorporated use of the soft tissue diode laser.Our state-of-art dental clinic in Livonia is pleased to offer this technology to our patients. Soft tissue lasers are an amazing new technology for the dental office that allow us to:

  • Contour and trim soft tissue, often without anesthetic
  • Remove abnormal tissue
  • Treat gum disease and destroy the bacteria that cause it

Benefits Of Soft Tissue Lasers For Patients in Dentistry

Soft Tissue Laser is a clean, effective and painless replacement for the traditional scalpel, excavator and the dental drill. Moving forward the philosophy of minimally invasive therapy, soft tissue lasers are changing the way people think about dental procedures while reducing the phobia associated with ''seeing the dentist''. Painless procedures with minimal contact with the oral cavity are a couple of the top advantages of soft tissue lasers.

Soft Tissue Lasers are especially advantageous during tissue incision, coagulation during operation and several post-procedural benefits including faster healing. There has been an explosion in the application of lasers in dental surgeries in the past two decades. Lasers such as the 810nm diode are preferred for soft tissue surgery as they prevent bleeding via the Haemostatic effect. This straightaway eliminates the need for stitches. Laser therapy also produces a bio-stimulating effect on the wounds which initiate healing and reduce the pain that follows after an orthodontic treatment.

Most procedures carried out using soft tissue lasers do not require invasive anesthesia, compared to conventional surgeries. This only goes to show the painless and gentler effects of lasers on human tissues. Lasers drastically improve accessibility, enabling dentists to reach every corner of the mouth with ease and laser precision. Since lasers are precise, there is lesser chance of manual errors. Laser surgery can be completely quickly and without much fuss, which reduces patient stress, time investment and financial obligation as well.

Advantages of using soft tissue diode laser in dentistry

  • Lowered Pricing: Soft tissue lasers are now widely available throughout the country and the cost can range anywhere between 35$ to 1200$ depending on the procedure. Dental Procedures have become more efficient and cost effective with the advent of Soft tissue lasers.
  • Wound Healing: Low levels of laser energy provides pain relief and arrests lesions before painful vesicles are formed, thus accelerating the healing time and preventing wound recurrence.
  • Photo-activated Dye Disinfection: Laser photo-chemically activates oxygen, releasing photo-activated dyes within soft tissues. This is effective in killing bacteria, viruses and fungi that plague the mouth, thus helping in the treatment of gum diseases.
  • Comprehensive Orthodontic Treatment: Use of soft tissue laser allows orthodontists to perform complex procedures such as aesthetic gingival re-contouring and crown lengthening painlessly. Usually such procedures are associated with pain, bleeding and discomfort.
  • Exposure to Impacted or Partially Erupted Tooth: Using soft lasers, dentists can expose impacted or partially erupted teeth for bonding quickly. This allows for precise bracket or button placement almost immediately, without causing additional pain.
  • Removal of Inflamed or Miscellaneous Tissues: Using soft tissue diode lasers, dentists can now painlessly remove tissues that are overgrown around miniscrews, springs and other dental implants. Previously, this process would involve a great deal of cutting, shaping and cleaning up, all of which had to be done manually by the dentist or orthodontist.


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