Looking For Reliable Pediatric Dentist And Children Dental Care In Livonia, MI

Backed by years of experience, Platinum Dental Care’s Pediatric Dentistry services are among Livonia’s most reliable when it comes to your Children’s Dental Care. We are dedicated to providing the best oral care for your children. From the very first dental appointment to the time they grow into adulthood, we take good care of Children’s Dental Care needs, both simple and complicated.
With some of the best Livonia Pediatric dentists in the region, Platinum Dental Care in the most trusted children dental care provider in Livonia MI.

With state of art dental care facility, we are the leading provider of Pediatric Dentistry services to residents of Livonia and the suburbs: Plymouth, Northville, Farmington, Dearborn, Dearborn Height, Redford, Westland, and Garden City. Call us our Livonia Dental Office at (734) 522-5520 to schedule your free initial dental consultation

Why Choose Platinum Dental Care for Pediatric Dentist in Livonia,MI?

Our Pediatric Dentistry services are delivered by professionals trained in helping children with their daily oral hygiene. While providing gentle care that is necessary during their developing ages, we treat infants, children, and adolescents up till the age of 18. We use special equipment for your Children’s Dental Care and ensure that your child is in a comfortable environment.

Our pediatric dentists offer a wide range of services for your Children’s Dental Care. At Platinum Dental Care, we are there for your child from infancy to adulthood, seeing them through their development and into adulthood. Some common issues we treat include:

  • Filling cavities
  • Removing teeth
  • Fixing broken teeth and treating sensitive teeth.
  • Identifying the need for teeth straightening for fixing improper bite.
  • Preventing dental services like fluoride treatments.
  • Diagnosing and managing common gum diseases and oral conditions.

Realizing the need for all-round and long-lasting care, our Pediatric Dentistry services walk the extra mile to ensure the best oral hygiene for your children.

Dental Hygiene Education

Pediatric dentists work with patients of very young ages and therefore place an early emphasis on overall dental hygiene education like habit counseling and the proper techniques of brushing and flossing. A part of the job as your Kid’s Dentist is to educate your children on the importance of good oral health care practices. We teach your kids the best way to maintain proper oral health. You can trust in our Pediatric Dentistry team to help establish healthy habits that your children follow through.

Preventive Diagnosis & Treatment

Children are especially prone to tooth decay as their teeth are often harder to clean. Our dentists provide basic preventive services for your Children’s Dental Care needs. They also take care to keep a close eye on their oral hygiene as they develop, diagnose future problems, and examine problem areas.

While ensuring optimal oral hygiene, we give children the warmth they need.

At Platinum Dental Care, our pediatric dentists practice compassionate and holistic dentistry. We understand that children are young with growing minds that need a different approach, while our staff is also well versed in techniques on how to examine children of all ages.

Bring your children to Platinum Dental Care and we will take care of their oral health with compassion and gentleness.

Get the best Dental Care for your children at Platinum Dental Care’s Pediatric Dentistry department! Call our Pediatric Dentists now at (734) 522-5520 to schedule your free initial dental consultation.