Dental Digital X-rays have revolutionized patient experience in the dentist’s office. They spell an end to the discomfort, pain and inconvenience dental patients used to experience with traditional x-ray methods. Apart from being quick and painless, they help dentists to come up with quick and accurate diagnoses and treatment plans which are a huge benefit to patients.

Digital X-Rays – How do they work?

Digital X-rays work like this – a tiny sensor is placed inside the patient’s mouth, which captures the required image and passes it to the dental x-ray software. Within seconds, the dentist can get a crystal clear image of the patient’s mouth on the computer screen. There’s no need to press the patient’s mouth to an x-ray plate and position it this way and that to get a half-way clear image of the issue.

How do Digital Dental X-rays Benefit Patients?

  • Precision Imagery: The x-ray sensor in the patient’s mouth captures multiple images and feeds them to an imaging program on the computer. The dentist then manipulates these images by increasing brightness, contrast or focus to get a clear picture of the issue.
  • Easy Comparison: Digital x-rays make it possible to compare patient’s present oral structure to previous x-rays. This helps dentists and patients compare treatment efficacy and plan the next steps.
  • Great Forewarning: Digital x-rays are so precise that dentists can now see almost-invisible issues such as early tooth decay, abnormal growths, gum disease and abscesses via radiographs. This enables dentists to detect even the tiniest changes to dental structure, helping them to come up much better proactive care measures.
  • Time Savings: Traditional x-rays usually take time to process; with digital x-rays, the waiting time is eliminated, enabling dentist to quickly diagnose the issue. This results in time savings - both for the patient and the dentist.
  • Reduced Radiation Exposure: Previously, repeated x-rays were necessary for complex cases, to get the right image. This resulted in increasing the patient’s exposure to radiation. With digital dental x-rays, it’s now possible to cut the radiation exposure by 90% or more, which is a huge positive for the patient’s health.
  • No Toxic Wastage: Due to the fact that digital dental x-rays don’t require any film, there’s no need to use harmful, toxic chemicals to process the images, as would be the case with traditional x-rays.
  • No Repeated X-rays:With traditional x-rays, a number of exposures are usually taken before the dentist is done. This causes a huge amount of inconvenience to the patient. With digital x-rays, it’s just a matter of a few seconds, that’s all.
  • Easy Sharing and Storage: Digital x-rays are easy to store, retrieve and share, which makes them highly portable and convenient for both patients and dentists.
  • End to Discomfort and Pain: Patients no longer have to suffer the indignity, discomfort and pain of having x-ray plates repeatedly shoved up against their mouths. Dental x-rays make the process painless and comfortable.
  • Patient Interaction: Patients can now see images of their oral structure immediately, without having to wait for the x-ray plates to be developed. This means both the dentists and their patients can now discuss their treatments during the first visit itself.

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