How To Get Dental Implants Covered By Insurance

What Dental Insurance Covers Dental Implants And Why Doesn’t Your Dental Insurance Cover Implants

First off, does your dental insurance cover dental implants? The answer to this, in most cases, would be Yes. It’s an unfortunate that some dental insurance policies put dental implants under the ‘cosmetic’ category. That’s why they don’t cover them. But you know what dental implants are – they are a life-saving option, not a cosmetic procedure. They are able to see that dental implants offer long-term health benefits and tend to totally change the patient’s life – for the better. However, right now, it’s unlikely that your insurance firm will agree to cover the cost of your dental implants surgery. So how to get dental implants covered by insurance?

Give your current dental insurance policy a good read

Before you start looking for a new dental insurance plan, get familiar with its terms. What does it state? What benefits does it cover? Could it possibly cover dental implants, and you’ve overlooked it somehow? Look up every place where your policy mentions ‘dental implants’, mark that section and then read them all. Also, if your insurance covers accidents and injuries that impact your oral composition, it’s possible that it covers the replacement of one or more teeth via dental implants.

Dental Implants Insurance Cost

Scan your current insurance policy for annual maximum

This is the amount that you’re qualified to get paid by the insurance company, each year, for dental procedures. Check if your policy allows you to ask for reimbursement of dental implant surgery. If this is possible, it will be mentioned in your policy. You could call your insurance company and ask them to clarify your questions as well.

If your dental insurance allows you to pay for your implants and then file for reimbursement, what you’re looking at is called Indemnity Dental Insurance, a form of traditional dental insurance.  If this is the kind of insurance plan you have, you can have your dentist set up a payment plan that suits your budget.  The advantage here is that you can split your treatments – have some done now and some when your plan gets renewed. That way, you should be able to manage the treatments with minimal out-of-pocket expense. You will, however, still pay a deductible on the policy; the insurance company should be able to reimburse the rest of your expenses. In payment terms, the company should be able to reimburse 100% of the preventative care, and then perhaps 50-80% of the dental cost. What’s more, you are not restricted to picking an expert out of approved providers or exclusive networks listed in your plan.

Talk to your OMS

Note that dental implant cost can vary, sometimes hugely, from expert to expert and also from region to region. Talk to your Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon (OMS). According to the American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons (AAOMS), it’s possible that your dental and medical insurance plans could cover some parts of your dental implant needs. This will depend on the nature of your tooth loss and your plans. An insurance plan that pays for injury to the mouth and teeth just may cover dental implants – you never know.

Shop for a new insurance plan

If you don’t have insurance, or if it’s time to renew your plan, why not shop for a new insurance plan? Look up plans on and find ones that cover dental implants.

Check out alternative financing options

Will your insurance company allow for a payment plan options, payable directly to your dentist? In this way, you could cut up the total cost into monthly parts and your dentist gets paid. This sort of arrangement is a happier one for both you and the dentist, because the dentist doesn’t have to rely on his or her patients to pay up. There are specific organizations that offer oral care financing – ask your dentist to put you in touch with them.


Don’t just manage each day with missing or decayed teeth, just because the cost of dental implants is so dear. With the right dental implant treatments, you can get your smile and your life back. If your insurance doesn’t cover the cost towards dental implants, just look up all the options we’ve covered. Be sure to talk to more than one OMS to get all the input that you can. Talk to your insurance provider and explore every option that is open to you. Talking to your dental implant expert along with your insurance providers will throw some light on your issues, and help you find a good solution.

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