When the jaw bone has atrophied because of the prolonged absence of one or several teeth, Platinum Dental Care MI can graft new bone to provide support to a denture or future dental  implant. When in Livonia,Plymouth,Northville, Farmington,Farmington Hills,Westland, Garden City, Redford,Dearborn,Dearborn Heights and rest of Detroit Metro, do not hesitate to visit us and consult FREE with one of the best team of bone grafting dentists in Michigan.

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What is Bone Grafting and When Does It Become Necessary?

Scary though it may sound, bone grafting is a painless procedure carried out routinely in our Livonia bone grafting dentistry. Bone grafting may become necessary as a pre-prosthetic procedure for placing dental implants or dentures, particularly in elderly patients. If you lose several of your teeth and your jaw remains without teeth (or dental implants) for years, the jaw bone atrophies,shrink and recedes. As the titanium base of the implant has to be imbedded into the jaw bone, grafting is sometimes the only option to add the lost bone or augment the atrophic areas the jaw bone.

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Did your doctor tell you your jaw bone is receding? Bone grafting can provide support to the denture or implant and restore your looks. Call Platinum Dental Care MI when in the Detroit metro area including:

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Things to Know About Dental Bone Grafting

Despite its routine nature, bone grafting is a specialized procedure that must be carried out by experts. There are several types of dental bone grafting, such as Socket Graft (used for filling the hole left by a pulled tooth), Block Bone Graft (used where the bone has atrophied significantly) and Subantral Graft (used for the upper jaw). The bone for the dental grafting is sourced from cows and these grafts are called xenografts. At Platinum Dental Care Livonia bone grafting is a painless procedure carried out by one of the most accomplished dental surgeons in Michigan.

Bone Grafting Procedure at Our Livonia Dental Clinic

When you sit in the dentist’s chair during your FREE consultation visit, we’ll brief you about the bone grafting procedure, its time frame, cost, prognosis and risks. Upon your approval, we’ll take X-rays and determine the type of grafting that you need. In the second visit our team of qualified dentists will perform the surgery and affix the Xenograft with the help of tiny screws. The graft usually takes four months to become infused with the bone, after which the dental implants can be safely placed.

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